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Nature has innate beauty, which has served as the subject for artists from the time of the cave paintings. Only for the last 100 years or so has man endeavored to extract more from art. Instead of paintings of beautiful people, landscapes or objects, works of art are being created to provide sensation, inspire feelings and spiritual issues to address the "inner aspirations", as Vasily Kandinsky called them.

In my work, I endeavor to create new abstract forms in painting and sculpture. Painted concepts of color and shape, that do not exist in nature, until I create and share them. Although my work rests in the broad category of the modern art or abstract expression, it has far more organization than the work of Willem de Kooning or Jackson Pollock and a broader range of colors and detail than the static color field paintings of Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Most of my paintings are produced using a complicated palette of bold colors.

"Beaver's work is the reaffirmation of life and nature's powerful forces, of cosmic mystery and the power of the individual's imagination. And this is as art ought to be." Ian Findlay, Editor of "Asian Art News".