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William Beaver

Painter, Sculptor,
Scientist, Engineer

Kansas City, USA


Hong Kong City Hall.

Jade Union Gallery. Hong Kong.

Jade Union Gallery. Hong Kong.

Shanghai Art Fair.

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.
New York. U.S.A.

Hong Kong City Hall.

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.

Hong Kong City Hall.

Shanghai Art Fair.

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Hong Kong City Hall.


William Beaver was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in that state until graduating from the University of Missouri with a BS degree in Physics. However, his interest in painting and art started much earlier. He stared working as a painters apprentice when only 15 years old, during his summer school vacations, he worked in his older brother's painting and decorating company. As an apprentice, he was instructed in the various methods used in interior painting and the techniques of trompe l'oeil decorating. Through high school and university he worked part time for 6 years in this craft perfecting his skills. During his undergraduate work he took courses in drawing, design and descriptive geometry and audited many courses in art. However, his primary interest during this period was in the field of science. After receiving his BS degree in Physics he joined the company of Bell Telephone Laboratories as a member of the technical staff and continued his graduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, from which he graduated with a MS degree in Physical Electronics. It was during his attendance at this university that his interest in art began to intensify. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is located at the edge of the Northeastern University campus and he spent most of his free time in this museum enjoying the opportunity to study the broad range of art on display there.

Because of his academic excellence, he was chosen by Bell Telephone Laboratories to continue his graduate studies. He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. That year he moved to California, taking a position as the head of the Piezoelectric Devices Department with Collins Radio/ Rockwell Intl. Inc.. In California his interest in contemporary art was stimulated by living next to Laguna Beach, one of the oldest artists colonies in the United States. In his spare time he studied color theory and the development of shapes and forms of interest in carved and constructed wood and sand castings of cement. This personal study lasted many years during which time he experimented and developed several styles of painting, collage and sculpture.


Dr Beaver's work for the last few years has consisted mainly of contemporary and abstract paintings, collage and sculpture in bronze and other media. He has developed a totally original form of "3d-dimensional art" which consists of abstract paintings on sculptured forms. This latest medium of expression is now occupying most of his time.

During this year, he was notified by the Editor of Artist's Magazine, that one of his works in acrylic collage on canvas, titled "Convergence" was selected as a finalist out of more than 13,000 entries in the 20th Annual Art Competition in the United States. A certificate noting this was received by him.

In the United States, Dr Beaver is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a member of the National Acrylic Painters Association (NAPA) and a professional member of the International Sculpture Center (ISC). In Hong Kong he is a member of the Hong Kong Art Club.

As a Measure of his creativity, William Beaver holds more than 12 US and foreign patents, the most recent one being issued in July of 2003. He currently has 2 patents pending including one in P R China.

His artwork is held in both private and corporate collections.


2006 Hong Kong City Hall.
2006 Jade Union Gallery. Hong Kong.
2005 Jade Union Gallery. Hong Kong.
2005 Shanghai Art Fair.
2005 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. New York. U.S.A.
2005 Hong Kong City Hall.
2005 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.
2004 Hong Kong City Hall.
2004 Shanghai Art Fair.
2004 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.
2003 Hong Kong City Hall.